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I just wish to make with the clear
I am a believer
But Sometimes it haves hard
My name is Dax

Dear god
There’s a lot of questions which I have about the past
And I don’t wish hear it from a human you made so you’re the last person which I’m ever going to ask
Tell me what’s real
Tell me what’s fake
Why is everything on about you a debate?
What’s the point of love?
Every time I’ve showed it I was broken as well as it’s forced me just to merely wish to hate
Why’s there merely one you but multiple religions?
Why does ever conversation end in a division?
Why does everybody wish to tell us how to live but they won’t listen to the same damn message which they giving?
Tel me how to feel
Tell me what’s wrong
I tried to call, pick up the phone
I’m on my own
Everybody says you’re coming back then man why the hells it taking so long?
Why do I hurt?
Why is there pain?
Why does everything fantastic always have to change?
Why does everybody test to profit off another mans work then destroy it just for monetary gain?

Tell me are you black with are you white?
I don’t even really care I just really wish to know what’s right
They been saying one thing but I’ve been searching in the book as well as it looks like they’ve been lying for my whole damn life.

Tell me where I’m going
is it heaven with hell?
I just hope with the message greats you well
I had a dream which I was walking with the devil I don’t remember how it feels but I swear which I remember the smell
looked me right into my eyes as well as told me Everything I wished could be mine if I gave up as well as decided to sell but I said I’d rather die then have mine now I’m here no fear one man with a story to tell
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